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Ty la1000 lamp - Keep Replacement TV Lamps Handy For Your Rear Projection LCD Set

Ty la1000 lamp

If you have recently made the upgrade from traditional console television to a rear projection set with LCD, congratulations! Owning a RPLCD television set gives you more options for positioning in your home, and the wide screen allows you to watch movies and your favorite shows with more clarity. Given the price of these kinds of televisions, you'll definitely want to take good care of yours to ensure it lasts for years. This is why it's recommended you familiarize yourself with how your set works, particularly when to replace the TV lamps that help keep your picture bright.

What is a TV Lamp?

Within your backlit LCD set are powerful lamps that help keep the shows you watch luminous and crystal clear. Over time, however, these lamps will wear and dim-lamps the average LCD may last up to 5,000 hours. As you watch your TV and notice a normally bright scene appear dim, this is a sign that it may be time to replace the lamps. How many lamps need replacing depends on your set; therefore, it's a good idea to confer with the sale clerk from whom you buy your set-especially if you purchase a pre-own or refurbished model-the number of lamps built into your set.

Replace the Lamps or the Set?

Typically the moment you detect something wrong with your rear projection set, you must come to a decision: try to repair what is wrong or concede that the damage is done and buy a new set. If it's determined that the problem lays mainly with burnt out TV lamps, purchasing replacement lamps to install is definitely a more cost effective solution that also prolongs the life of your set if there are no other problems. The job is rather easy to do, too-you don't need training to fix it yourself. TV lamps like the Panasonic TY-LA1000 lamp, one of the more popular and trusted brands for these RPTV models: PT-43LC14, PT-43LCX64, PT-44LCX65, PT-50LC13, PT-50LC14, PT-50LCX63, PT-52LCX15B, PT-52LCX65, PT-60LC13,PT-60LC14, PT-60LCX63, PT-60LCX64, PT-61LCX65, can cost on average anywhere from sixty to ninety dollars depending on the model and whether or not they are backlighting lamps or specialized lamps for projection televisions.

As you enjoy your rear projection television, take care to prepare to enjoy it as long as possible. Be mindful of the life of your current TV lamps and know when to replace them.

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Ty la1000 lamp

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Ty la1000 lamp - How to Replace TY LA1000 Lamp - 7 Easy Steps

Ty la1000 lamp

Television (TV) is a traditional and widely used medium for communication. It is commercially available since the late 1930s. The television set has become a very important receiver of information in business or home.

When need to replace lamp?

The replacement of TY LA1000 lamp depends on the user itself. When the brightness of the screen become loss and will appeared dim, you need to think that it is the one the indicator that we need to replaced the TY LA1000 lamp.

Replacement procedure

First of all before you want to replace your TY LA1000 lamp, you need to turn power off. Take a time and wait until power indicator stops blinking red and then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before removing your TY LA1000 lamp. Please make sure that the area around the TY LA1000 lamp unit has cooled down to avoid any unwanted accident. The best time to start replaced your TY LA1000 lamp is more than one hour after turn off.

Now you are ready to remove the front cover when the TY LA1000 lamp is cooled down. Place your fingertips under the Front cover and pull it from the projection display. This step is so easy but you need should be careful to avoid dangers or risk.

The next step is to loosen the cover screw by using the screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver anticlockwise to loosen the screw. Before the action begin you first need to read caution and warning labels on lamp cover. Then, loosen the lamp cover screw by using a screwdriver.

Loosen the lamp unit screw with a screwdriver. The next step is to grasp the lamp unit slowly to remove from the projection display. However please allow the lamp to cool before handling or replacing the lamp unit. You need to be caution. This is because the lamp unit is hot immediately after its use, touching it may cause burns.

Now is the time to install the new lamp unit. You should be careful of the insertion direction. Any misdirection will make your lamp can't be installed correctly and maybe not functional.

The replacement procedure nearly finished. Now you had replaced the new Lamp unit and the next step is to cover screws. Tighten the lamp unit/cover screw with a screwdriver. You can choose either to disposed the old lamp (proper procedure) or you can sell to someone who willing to buy second hand lamp to be repaired. Be caution that you need to attach the lamp unit and lamp unit housing door correctly. This is because if the lamp unit and lamp unit housing door are not attached correctly, the circuited will be activated and the result is you can't turn on the lamp.

Your new lamp has been replaced. Now you are need to reset the lamp time. Strictly follow the manufacturer leaflet. Now you are ready to enjoy with your new TV lamp. Take care of the lamp warranty form. You will need. The TV with high quality replacement lamp will provide you some great result and will enhance your relax moment with your family.Enjoy your life further with this technology.

How to choose the right TY LA1000 lamp

The first think that you need to consider before purchasing a lamp is its level of brightness. This is one of the biggest things that we need to take care of our action. When a light bulb is connected to the lamp will it give out a nice bright light, or will it be dim? Toshiba lamps are not recommended because it is found that the brightness level wasn't very high. The light appeared to be dim regardless of what bulb we screwed into the lamp. If you are looking for a brand that will light up the entire room, this is not the one to buy.

Another criterion is to look at the opening of the lamp.The good lamp should contain a large opening that the light bulb can be screwed into. This hole like structure should be large enough to fit a wide range of bulb sizes. In this case the Toshiba brand meets these criteria head on, and gives users a large assortment of bulb sizes to choose from to screw into the lamp.

Ty la1000 lamp

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